31 May 2013

First Post! Flights Booked for my First Solo Trip!

Hello, and welcome to the first post on my new blog!

Well, it's hard to know quite where to begin, (it always is) and if you've read my About Me page then you'll already know a little about me! Basically my dream is to travel the world and explore new places, experience new cultures, try out new activities, taste new foods and meet new people. I want to explore the world. Of course, a lot of the world is inhabited and even more of it has already been explored, but that's all been by other people, not by me. It's great because I can read about places, look at pictures others have taken and read about their experiences, but it's not the same as actually going and doing it myself(although it is great for travel inspiration). I am finally (slowly) taking small steps to prepare myself for this massive adventure, one that many others have done before me, plenty and doing now, and countless others will do in the future. I want to document my experiences, and just maybe someone (hopefully you) will find them interesting enough to keep reading, so here goes!

My first big step is going away on my own. I'm 26, planning to travel solo around the world, and have never even gone away for a weekend in the UK on my own. However, as I don't particularly fancy enduring rain and aloneness in a UK city, I've booked flights to Spain (Barcelona) for the end of July! Now I'm left to bite back my fears and encourage my excitement by spending 2 weeks on holiday with...myself.

I do have a rough plan however, so I'm hopefully not entirely throwing myself into it. I'm planning on heading straight to Andorra to spend a few days in the capital, Andorra La Vella. As I am a lover of hiking I want to spend several days hiking in the Pyrenees, before heading to the coast of Spain for a few days of rest and relaxation by the sea before heading back home and to my day job. The details need to be worked out a bit more, (there basically isn't any) but I'm wary of planning for every moment of my first ever solo trip as I want to maintain flexibility. Fingers crossed for a successful trip! I'll keep you posted!

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