18 June 2013

Travel Inspiration: Into the Wild

Chris McCandles and the no 142 bus
he called home in Alaska
I recently watched Into the Wild.

It's a very moving true story (and involved a few tears) about a young American Man called Christopher McCandless. Following graduation he stepped away from the 'American Dream' to live his own. He gave all $24,000 of his saving to charity, abandoned his possessions, and sets off an amazing journey. He meets interesting people along the road, who he both learns from and teaches or helps in a small way that means something big. If nothing else, the things he experiences is inspiring. His journey through America culminates in his 'Big Alaskan Adventure' which is extremely moving, as he comes to terms with many things. The film is not only physical journey as he moves from place to place, but a journey of the mind. It not only inspires with all the possibilities that are out there, it serves as a cautionary tale too; he does several dangerous things, such as kayaking through rapids in the grand canyon, made all the more so by his inexperience and lack of preparation. The book is now very much on my must read list; it's one that I doubt I'll be able to put down.   

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